2020 Chardonnay, Santa Cruz Mountains

In 2020 we moved to making only 1 Chardonnay each year, rather than 2 or more, with a focus on only our very best vineyards. 2020 is the first time we’ve produced a 2 vineyard blend of Split Rail and Lester Family Vineyards. This was was also the first time we took our time and aged a Chardonnay 18 months instead of 9 or 10. I could not be happier about the results we got from these two decisions.

I’ve always been searching for a good balance of acidity and decadence in my Chardonnays, and this vintage is the closest I’ve come to finding that balance. She’s got the same acid structure as my past Chardonnays, but with a gentle opulence coating the outer edges of her being. Vivid aromatics, crisp acidity, and a finish that almost makes you feel like you’ve cheated at something... she’s a fun one!

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Santa Cruz Mountains
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