Hard Apple Cider
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  • year: 2015
  • alcohol: 7.5%
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2015 Sante Sidro Hard Apple Cider – 750ml

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Made from organically-grown Pippin Apples from Ohana Farms in Corralitos, Sante Sidro is a cider produced from the perspective of a Chardonnay maker.

When Chardonnay is barrel-fermented, the winemaker must leave “head space” in the barrels so they don’t overflow during the active fermentation.  Once fermentation is complete, barrels are “consolidated”: we empty some of the barrels in order to top up the rest.  It is inside these just-emptied Chardonnay fermentors that we pump our chilled apple juice for fermentation.  Right on top of the lees from the Chardonnay fermentation.

The Chardonnay yeast and subsequent sur lies aging — with weekly battonnage— impart a richly textured mouthfeel to what is otherwise a crisp, refreshing and bone-dry wine.  Yes, “wine”.  Our cider has more in common with Champagne than it does a sweet, mass-produced cider.

Numbers and Notables:

  • 3 barrels (64 cases and 2 kegs) produced from 1.3 tons of organic Pippin apples.
  • 7.5% Alcohol by volume.
  • 3.37 pH.
  • Partial malolactic fermentation.
  • Aged 5 months sur lies in Odysé French and American oak barrels from Toneleria Nacional.
  • Yeasts: Native, CY3079, ICV D47 (Chardonnay yeasts for fermentation), and Zymaflore Spark (a Sparkling Wine yeast for carbonation in-bottle).
  • Unfiltered.  Well, only coarsely filtered (bug catcher).
  • Bottle conditioned for a very light carbonation.  There is a fine yeast sediment in-bottle that will pour with your last glass.  This sediment enhances mouthfeel– don’t be afraid of it!
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