High Praise for Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay

Recently international wine critic Alder Yarrow visited the area and tasted through a wide range of Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We’re happy to report that the 5 wines we submitted all scored among some of the highest in the roundup. Alder summarized his experience with the following statement, and we’re quite proud to have provided wines that helped him come to this conclusion:

“…the Santa Cruz Mountains remain one of California’s most distinctive winegrowing regions, and frankly one of its most dynamic. As the tasting notes below suggest, it easily qualifies as being the single most exciting source of Chardonnay currently being made in the state. Such a declaration will quickly have proponents of Sonoma and Santa Barbara Chardonnay in a huff, but I stand firmly behind this assessment. With production levels minuscule by comparison to the state’s traditional powerhouses of Chardonnay, the overall quality and personality of Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay is now second to none.

Moreover, the region continues to produce fantastic Pinot Noir, including some of the most rightfully sought-after bottlings in the state…”

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